Apple Gold Tray Set

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An apple fell on Newton’s head and he discovered the force of gravity. Apple has remained quite a popular item in history. This Apple Gold Tray Set is a great way to have the sacred fruit displayed elegantly in your home. 

This Tray Set consists of three apples in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. All three of them have a white color, with a golden leaf and stalk at the top. They are neatly placed over a round tray, making it a perfect fancy decoration item for your home. 

The Apple Gold Tray set is made of metal. It has a shiny surface. Clean it regularly so that the shine does not fade away. Moreover, the smooth surface makes it easy to wipe away any stain or spot. Use a wet cloth to remove any stain. 

You can place the tray set on any corner or side table to create a wow factor in your living space. You can also place it on your kitchen counter to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen.  

If you have a glass cabinet, you can place this Tray Set over them which can serve two purposes. Firstly, your delicate Gold Tray Set can be kept away from intruders and possible breakage. Secondly, no dust can deposit on the set.