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Make sure that your guests have plenty of space to place coffee, tea, drinks, magazines, and eatables with our 3 pieces- Table Brass Round. This Table Set consists of three tables of different sizes and can be used combined or separately. 

When a guest comes to your place, you can use the three tables for the following purposes: 

  • Large Table: For coffee and teacups, drinks 
  • Medium Table: For food and eatables to accompany the beverage 
  • Small Table: For tissues and napkins 

The Tables are made from strong and durable Brass with glass tops. Each piece features a circular round top that is perfect to complement your living rooms.  

The Golden finish gives a further premium look to the Three Piece Brass Table Set. 

Brass Tables are preferred over wooden tables for being light in weight. They are not bulkier as compared to wooden tables are easy to move when you want to shift or simply change your furniture setting. Furthermore, Brass and Metal Tables carry a luxury finish, that is absent in Tables made of wood. 

In short, this 3 PC- Table Brass Round is a perfect piece that effectively utilizes space, while providing elegance to your living space.