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This Antique Phone Replica gives you a sweet throwback to the era when we used to dial the conventional dial pads of old telephones constantly to reach out to someone. Those telephones had extensive cables and dialing one number took a lot of time. 

Thanks to the advancement of technology that we are blessed with modern smartphones. But we still miss the old antique telephones. So, Supreme Signature Homes bring this decoration item, specifically suited to cater to your 80s nostalgia. 

This Antique Phone is made of metal in a rusty black color. It shows a small dial pad in the front. This miniature model is perfect to place on your side tables as a part of interior decoration. You can also put it on your work table. 

This retro-style phone is suitable for home, office, luxury star hotels, galleries, and jewelry stores to reflect your artistic taste. Vintage is coming back in trend and purchasing this Antique Phone would be a great way to style your home in the vintage style. 

Now you no longer need to visit old antique stores to skim antique items for your home. Supreme Signature Homes offers this Antique item both in its store and online. 


Material: plastic Colour: black body with a grey base


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