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This Antique Camera Replica is a must-have for all fans of antique stuff. Made of metal, the camera instantly takes you back to the 60s and 70s when movies used to play on reels in cinemas. 

Precious as it may seem, it is a perfect miniature model of the old-school movie projector cameras. Featuring a grey base, the camera is in classic black color. The camera has three little stands with two wheels at the top and a lens at the front. 

This camera is sure to make you feel nostalgic. Place this decoration item on your side tables to enhance your interiors. 

Moreover, you can also gift this piece to any couple celebrating their anniversary. They would love the gift. Also, it can also act as a perfect housewarming present.  

So, if you are a fan of collecting retro items, buy this piece from Supreme Signature Homes right now. Lights, Camera, Action! 

Material: plastic Colour: black body with grey base Material Colour


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