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A vintage styled radio clock with a red outline on the front. It has two knobs for adjustments and two V shaped antena on top. Moreover it has black roman numerals with black hands for time depiction. The bottom half is radio and the upper half shows time.

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We love wall clocks, but who doesn’t want to have a clock with a different style? Table clocks are a different style of clocks and following this trend, Supreme Signature Homes has just the perfect product like this. 

Table clocks are a must-have item for your work table, to be on top of your work deadlines. You can place it with your laptop, files, folders, and other work items. Looking at it occasionally will help you keep track of all your tasks and submit them well within time. 

This Table Clock Radio, offered by Supreme Signature Homes is a unique item, as it is a hybrid of a clock and a radio. The bottom half is a radio and the upper half shows time. 

The two knobs for adjustment and two V-shaped antennas give the old-school vibes of a radio. It will take you to the old times when radio was one of the prime modes of communication. 

The black Roman numerals with black needles depict time perfectly. The needed and Roman numerals are on a white background so that you have no issue while viewing time. It carries a rustic look, which makes this Table Clock Radio, a perfect vintage piece. 


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