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  • Material: soft cushion on top.
  • Color: white and purple

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Do you want to support your baby’s initial movement? This Baby Stool is perfect for your babies so that they can sit upright and comfortably. 

It has a comfortable and ergonomic design with a soft cushion on top. It will relieve any pain in the sciatic nerve. The white and purplish lavender color with beautiful printed images and text seems quite attractive for your young ones. Strength and durability are built into every inch of the seat. 

If you have a girl toddler, this stool can act as a perfect sitting place for her to dress up in front of a mirror. She would enjoy styling her hair and using miniature makeup goodies while sitting on her favorite stool. 

The Baby Stool is perfectly portable. You can easily move it from one room to another, as your child’s movements know no bounds. It is a multipurpose seat and can be suited for a number of purposes according to your child’s needs. 

Being easy to carry and easy to care for, this Baby Stool will act as a perfect partner for your child and will support her throughout his/ her life. Your child will instantly love it the moment you bring it home. 


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