11,000.00 8,800.00

  • Steel Brass
  • Metal Base
  • Steel Finish
  • Black color

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This AB Finish Candle stand consists of a Steel Brass stand with a metal base. The long stand features a unique design with multiple rings, which is a lot better than a plain simple stand. The black-colored stand adds a dramatic accent to your living space. 

The metal square base offers a solid foundation for the stand to rest upon. Coupled with the rings throughout the stem, the complete stand offers a great weight which means that it won’t fall over from the weight of a candle or the wind. It is sturdy and stable. 

A candle stand is important to prevent wax spills on your furniture. You cannot place a candle directly on your wooden or metal furniture. But Candle Stands to solve the problem and help you freely place the candles. 

Candle stands help to keep your furniture clean, otherwise, the wax stains would require rigorous cleaning.  

In addition, they are the best choice to create a romantic ambiance in your home. Our AB Finish Candle Stand is a perfect accessory if you want to arrange a candle-light dinner for your loved one.  

So, accent your living space by adorning it with a stylish AB Finish Candle Stand, available at the most reasonable price at Supreme Signature Homes. 



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