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Supreme Signature Homes offers this exquisite Bathroom Set in a rich black and golden color. The body has a solid black color with a border of an intricate golden design.  

The golden border covers all the pieces horizontally. You can also find a tinge of gold at the baseline of all the items and the top of the lid of the storage box as well. 

This Bathroom Set consists of 5 pieces, including: 

  • Refillable soap pump dispenser for liquid handwash 
  • Container for toothpaste 
  • Container for toothbrushes with 3 openings 
  •  A little oval tray for soap. 
  • A large storage box for toiletries 

The lid at the top of the storage box is not attached to the body which makes it easy to place and remove. The soap pump dispenser easily lets out the liquid soap once you gently press the top. 

Bath Set is probably one of the safest and best gifts that you can buy for your family and friends. These gift sets are well-suited for almost any occasion because they contain essentials that will not go to waste or remain unused. 

If you are looking for the best gifts, that can be used, then a bath set would be a great option for that. 

Material: Ceramic Colour: black and golden


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